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We want to make sure that the veterans are leading a comfortable life after their services.


There are many different alternatives which can help save exhaustible energy and resources for a sustainable life.


Basic education is important, and with the right policies, we are trying to make it possible for people to have good knowledge.


The environment is our first concern, and we want to make sure that a few simple changes can bring a huge impact.

Immigration Reform

One thing that our country is struggling with is immigration reforms, and we strive to bring the change needed.

Labour & Working

We are making sure that we have the much-needed change in the labour and reform to help labourer have peaceful work experience.

Ken's Works

With Aden 4 Arkansas, Ken wants to make sure that he can point the inequality and struggle of people and also the different ways to make sure that everything works out in the right direction.





  • They are the best who are knowledgeable about the social-economic difference, which is more than them.

    Mee C. Davis

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Ken Aden is a politician who has always said that one step ahead will take us a long way and making the country greater than what it already is.

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From Our Blog

The Insane World of American Politics

American Politics

A lesson about the history of American politics will help you understand the tall figures that stood for equal rights and how they managed to shape a brighter democracy. But if that lesson has anything to do with the current scenario, then things will go downhill. The modern age of politics is on a rollercoaster ride to insanity as everyday events and occurrences manage to paint a picture that people prefer to ignore. So what exactly is this problem, and how did it begin? Well, let’s go ahead and find out.

1. The Field of Chaos

The current scene is filled with chaos as voters are angry at almost every single decision put forward by the current government. To top it all, the Congress and the White House are not the perfect duos as the air is filled with nothing but disagreements. With all this in mind, the source of this chaos seems to pinpoint towards a lot of directions as everyone is confused about the next move. In this climate of uncertainty, the future of politics does not stand to be stable, and things might even go from bad to worse.

Capitol Hill

Few of the leading examples of this method of uncertainty or inability can be found at Capitol Hill. At this place, Speaker Paul Ryan resigned after being unable to pass a budget. Moreover, the house also burned through two more speakers and an ‘acting’ speaker, only to be led into a reality without speakers. On the other hand, the Senate is also busy as wannabe presidents and various other individuals utilise the chamber as a platform for their own purpose.

Amidst all this chaos, the outcome that everyone received was unbearable as the United States briefly defaulted on the national debt, thereby precipitating a market collapse and an economic downturn. Hence, everyone wants to escape from reality.

2. The Beginning

If one has to look into the beginning of this chaos, then it might take you to the 45the President of the United States. Yes, that’s right. Donald J Trump began his elections by being a Republican candidate, but in all sense, he was not a Republican. Based on data from registration records, since the year 1987, Mr Trump has been a Republican, an independent, a Democrat, then again a Republican. While during these years, he also spoke about not enrolling in a party, he eventually came out as a Republican.

With Presidential primaries unfolding, we have a fractured field for Democrats as Kanye West takes charge. Due to that, the political future seems to be unreal. Political disintegration, visible signs of anachronism and much more plague American politics by turning it into something the world wasn’t prepared to face.


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